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[Source] Gem location wall wrold map

can some one point out a source for a map dealer / shop / online
resource where i can find a wall-world-map showing mines and major
gems localities. any info will help. thanks sunn

Gemkey mag ( out of print ) had one in an obviously old issue if I
can find it I will let you know which one maybe you can find it HTH


Hi Sunn, I’d start with the GIA library in Carlsbad California, 1 800
421 7250, ext 4088, Elaine Ferrari-Santhom. If they don’t have it
they’ll know where to get it.

Very very friendly and helpful, and absolute goldmine of information
as I found at first hand in the course of researching the gesmtones
series for the Canadian Discovery Channel.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada