[Source] Gaspeite doublet

Hi All,

Coming out of lurkdom to ask: I have a customer’s ring that needs a
replacement stone - the original was a gaspeite “doublet” that broke
loose from its epoxy backing. The weird thing is, the stone was 8.45
x 23.5 mm, as opposed to the standard 22 x 8 I had hoped it was.

Does anyone know where I could get a gaspeite cab that’s about 8 x
23, or better yet, someone who could cut one that’s about 8.25 x
23.25, about 5-6 mm thick? I had tried to contact Gerry Galarneau,
but his e-mail seems to have changed.

Please CC replies to my personal e-mail, as I’ll never be caught up
on my digests, ever.

Many thanks for your help,

Jessee Smith
Cincinnati, OH