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Source for sterling tags

Hello all, I used to buy those little sterling tags from Rio - I
think they are used for adding to a necklace with your name on,
although I have a different use for them. They are no longer in Rio’s
catalog, and I’ve been unable to find them in the other catalogs that
I have.

Any ideas where I can get them from?

Many thanks,

Dar Sadie, sterling tags can be purchased from Microstamp, Sam Patania, Tucson

You might try calling Rio (if you can get through to someone a bit
higher up than a phone sales clerk,) and see if

  1. they might still have some, or, if not,

  2. if they are willing to tell you where they got the ones they were


Rio moved 'em in the catalog (I thought they took them out, too,
then just ran across them when I was looking for something else).

They’re on p 169 of the Gems & Findings catalog, Aug 02 - 03. They
have 14K yellow, and sterling, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Have fun!
Karen Goeller