Source for stainless steel spring wire

Hello All: I was hoping someone might know of a good source for
stainless steel spring wire that I could use to remake springs that
have failed in bracelets and such. The size I need right now is 17
gauge or roughly 1.1 mm.

Thanks Michael R. Mathews Sr.

Hi Michael;

I’ve gotten “piano wire” from the local music stores and sometimes
this has worked for me. Worth a try. It didn’t require tempering,
but it was difficult to bend. Had the right amount of spring,

David L. Huffman


Try, search for spring wire stainless Another
source is http;//

Jeff Demand
Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modeling & Goldsmithing

Hello All: Thanks to Dave Arens who told me about I went there and opened an
account and they have everything I needed. Michael R. Mathews Sr.
Victoria,Texas USA