Source for square brass rod/wire

I’m looking for a source for 14 or 16 gauge square brass rod or wire
(I have a rolling mill but no rollers to make square wire).

Thanks (I have learned so many great things here)!


 I'm looking for a source for 14 or 16 gauge square brass rod 

Hi Elizabeth, I find that general hardware stores and hobby shops are
a good source for brass sheet, wire (rod) and tubing in a wider
variety of forms. They often have a display with the straight stock
sticking up vertically in a small amount of space. If you’re not
looking for it, its easily overlooked. The display usually also
contains copper and aluminum (aluminium for the rest of the world)

Hope this helps,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Try Metalliferous at 34 W. 46th St. New York, NY. The phone number
is (212) 944 0909 or (888) 944 0909. The website is

Diane Sadel

Elizabeth Some hardware stores carry brass and copper stock:
square,round, tube and sheet. I buy my stock at ACE Hardware. I have
seen such stock at Home Depot as well, so check out your local
hardware stores. I pay less than what I have seen in Jewelry supply

Tom Timms

Elizabeth, Suggest you try Metalliferous in NY, Phone 212-044-0909 or
888-944-0909. Ask them for their base metal catalog. They are
terrific. (No affiliation etc, etc.)

Don at the Charles Belle Studio in SO FL where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry! @coralnut1.

To expand on Dave Sebaste’s advice, try a minature train shop. I’ve
gotten 8ga. there. If they don’t have as small as you need you could
use a rolling mill to reduce it to what you want. HTH.

Gary Strickland, GJG