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Source for gold coins

where can one order the Canadian coins 

Well, coin dealers have coins of all types. Check your phone book.
I’ve wondered: Has anyone used silver coins for reticulation?

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts
No one deserves lung cancer.

where can one order the Canadian coins 

Try - they have coins, bullion, and metal sheet and wire.


Look at They sell all coins and are very
reliable Ask for George

Christine, Sorry to be so late in responding. I have been having a
ball with silver coins and reticulation.

I went to a coin/pawn shop and bought “melt” grade coins. The price
was spot, nothing added. I bought what I could at the time.

At class studio time, I took 3 US half dollars and with no
preparation at all, just torched them one at a time.

The first one I used a slow not too aggressive flame and played the
fire around the coin and its surrounding areas. The silver began to
move and I moved the flame in a more circular pattern than used on
the sheet of reticulation silver.

Were you to look very closely you may see some of the
characteristics of the coin, the flowing robes of Lady Liberty,
except now they really flow.

Next coin I used a honey comb base and really hot fired it, I got
more of a melt, fuse and solidify than the first one, a piece broke
off as I raised the coin to torch underneath. So I have a + 2/3 of a
coin that looks very interesting.

The third coin, I backed off on the flame and added the piece that
had broken off of the last one and fused it onto this coin. I have a
semi reticulated, semi fused thick circle that appears very

I say go for it, at best you will have some very interestinf pieces
to incorporate into something else, at worst you have melt for the
next experiment.

Go for it.