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Source for Artistic Colored Copper Wire

Hi, We would like a source for ‘Artistic’ colored copper wire. Sold
in 100 yard spools it comes in 24ga to 32 ga and many bright colors.
Ruth uses it for crocheting and have been geting it from Metalliferous
up to now. Does anyone know who else carries it and whether they deal
with international orders?


B r i a n ? A d a m a n d R u t h B a i r d

For artistic wire try:


They carry artistic wire in about 30 colors, but not all colors in
all gauges. The most common sizes for most colors are 26, 28, and 34.
I don’t know if they deal in international orders, but they’re a good
size company and they do most of the major trade shows here in the

Good luck!

Rene Roberts

Brian… While I was at a Gem and Jewelry show I stumbled upon a
booth that deals with the ‘artistic’ colored copper wire that you are
seeking… they have a web site so they should deal with international
orders… their site is: P.O. Box 80, Sonoma CA
95976 ph (707) 938-3539 fax (707) 938-3097 e-mail

Hope this helps,
Lynne Lukert

i too get mine from Soft Flex, i even make some of the samples that
travel with mike and scott… they are a really nice group to work
with. i am currently working on some written projectss for them, an
have some new designs to get to them.

in the beginning, when Artistic Wire sold directly, i was able to get
larger amounts on spools, but i was told soft flex could order the
larger sizes.

brian, i would love to see some of ruth’s things, is there a spot
with some of the work? pat wild poppy designs