Source for Artist Grants

Hi- All I am looking for a Source for Artist Grants or Scholarships
. I am a self-taught silversmith. I started in 1995. I am 100 days
shy of completing my G.J.G at GIA and a short good bit of money. I
have written Woman’s associations, foundations and a lot of others
and I have not found anything! I have a small portfolio and one
Design Award. I have the talent to prove my worthiness. Please let
me know any insight!! Denise Ruiz G.J.

Read The Complete Guide to Getting a Grant by Laurie Blum. Industry
grants and scholarships can be found in industry magazines. Go to Visit your local Foundation library and do
research. Learn to write a proposal. Check into other women’s
professional associations, such as Business and Professional Women,
Women in Management, etc.

Most scholarships and grants have a long lead time, often longer
than 100 days.

Good luck.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992

Hello Denise,

Please do a search on the 'net. I googled “artist grants” and found
quite a list. If you are in Massachusetts, there is a state
sponsored grant program. Here is a website that links to some other
grant offers:

Best of luck on your pursuit of such funding.  There are far more

applicants than available grants… but that is the case in my area
(environmental research, science) also. A sign of the economic
times. Judy in Kansas

Denise Ruiz, Have you tried yet? Ryan