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Source for Alabaster

My middle son has taken to turning alabaster - bowls, vessels etc…
anyone know of great sources for material?? thanks Russell

Russel, Try Colorado Alabaster Supply 1507 N College Ave Fort Collins
Co 80524 970-221-0723 - they have a large mine at Owl Canyon north of
Fort Collins and have layers of pink & gray “very beautiful stuff” -
can supply up to monument size pieces - Last I checked it was .50 a lb
(but that was 2+ yrs ago)

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 669-7075

Attn. Russell; Not knowing just where you live, I suggest that you
might find a source in your yellow pages, --building rock. Local rock
shops-(lapidary) might have some…Or click on the following sites- : Take care and don’t forget to
wear proper safety gear… Dave,(18k)