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Source for 22K wire (was Stark's Chain Book)

Hi Linda,

I looked up Marco Polo but couldn’t find it listed? Do you have
their phone number or address? There’s a Marco Gems on West 47th
but that doesn’t sound right. H&S doesn’t carry the alloy
without zinc, or so they said on the phone.

If anyone else knows of a source for 22K wire only alloyed with
copper and silver I would appreciate your posting the

Thanks in advance.


Linda, Stuller Settings sells an enamel alloy that does not have
zinc in it. You would have to alloy and pull your own wire, but
what price art? Frank

Hi rd

Marco Polo (The Gold Buyers) Inc., 38 West 48th St., 11th Floor,
NY 10036-1805,
212-840-3286 and 800-543-3420

Hope this helps.

Red1Eagle @

Dear Linda, since I make my own alloy can’t be of too much
help but just heard at a work shop in No. carolina that Hoover
and Strong carries Jean Starks formula for 22 k gold. Hope that
is right… Try it anyway…calgang I thought Jean had her 22k
gold formula in her book??? easy to make and then you can take
half or 1\4 or whatever and now one has wire and flat plate… Or
you just use it all as wire…etc.

What is Marco POlo’s???