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[Source] Fine jade


Hi All,

I am looking for a source for fine jade. That beautiful, translucent
apple green. Small ovals 6-7mm or pointed end leaf shapes same size.
Undyed please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please send


Lisa (Sunflowers blooming, beans overwhelming, tomatoes ripening and
squash threatening to engulf) Topanga, CA USA



I may have a source for you. I have been cutting Apple Green Jade for
this gentleman for the last 6 months or so. He has been having me cut
ovals out of scrap Jade to see if I can do it to his liking. He says
he has a fr amount of rough left over. I can contact him to see I I
can put the two of you together. Please contact me if you are

Ken Moore


Lisa-- One of the best sources in the US for better to best jade is
Mason-Kay in Denver. Try their website,

You can count on them to give you the real deal at fair prices. They
are one of the few who specialize in jade and acutually know their
business. They do jade testing for the trade.