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[Source] Ferric Nitrate

I have been told that Tri-ess from whom I previously purchased
Ferric Nitrate crystals is no longer in business.

Can you suggest possible sources for the Ferric Nitrate Crystals?

Also, What proportion of crystals to water is best for etching? I
know about adding the crystals to the water,but don’t know how much
to use. For example how much crystal should I add to 16 oz. of water
to make a solution which will give me a good etch. on silver?

I have worked with Ferric Nitrate,but was using it in liquid form
(ready mixed). However, I prefer to get the crystals and mix up
batches when needed

Thanks for your help. Alma Rands

I recently ordered Ferric Nitrate from Triple S Chemical Products.


I get my ferric nitrate crystals from in San
Leandro, California. They run about $35-$40 for a 500 gram jar. You
can e-mail Mark Shinnerman ( or call them
(number on website) if you have any questions. I’ve found them to be
very helpful.


Alma, try here:

Scroll down to find it. :slight_smile:



You can get it in Portland. Oregon off Macadam-John Landings area-

Nurnberg Scientific
50246 8297
6310 SW Virginia

Take you photo id. They will check it to see if you are a terrorist,


Get lab grade. It’s lots cheaper and works fine.