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[Source] Fern-leaf pattern stamp


I’m a novice searching for a single stamp in a fern-leaf pattern to
use on a copper cuff. So far, I’ve found sets that contain just one
stamp that would serve, among many that I might never use. I’d prefer
buying a single stamp to save money. Unfortunately, I don’t have
enough experience yet to make my own.

Any source


You can gain the experience necessary. Get “The Complete Modern
Blacksmith” by Alexander G. Weygers, Ten Speed Press, cost about
$20. It’s not all that difficult. Since you said you’re a novice this
will be a most valuable experience and the book is one you should
have in your library.


Try Rio Grande 1-800-545-6566
Thunderbird Supply 1-800-545-7968,
IJS 1-800-545-6540, they have web sites & fern type stamps

Sharon Perdasofpy


look at the branch stamp about 1/2 way down the page.

Kathy Johnson