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[Source] Engraving machine

I am in need of an engraving machine. Needed to work on engraving
flat pieces. Any suggestions?


Could you describe the type of items you are going to engrave? How
big? How deep? How many?

There are quite a few options out there. The table-top machines have
limited capacity in size and shape as compared to the larger Hermes
machines. (I have been in touch with a fellow in Hawaii who has a 100
year old machine with amazing capacities he is preparing to sell. I
own one as well but rarely use it because it is a bear to set up. I
also use a stand-up hermes unit and I have been learning hand


I’ve got a Preis 2D UE-3-P pantograph bench top engraver mounted on
a sturdy dedicated workbench that I’d part with if you want to pick
it up in New Mexico – way too difficult to crate for shipping. I’d
guess and say it was probably built in the "60’s and was a work horse
style machine for jewelry engravers before the advent of the computer
driven machines. It’s in very good condition and has at least 3 brass
type fonts with it. The engraver spindle has a pneumatic and highly
accurate micro adjustable down feed, which makes it very easy to use.
It has’n been needed for quite a while and has been been stored
waiting for a new home and usage. It would come with the original
owners manual and a cutter grinder that could be purchased seperately
if desired. This is a versatile machine that, with a little
ingenuity, could probaly engrave anything in the jewelry realm – I
once set it up and put my name on a pair of downhill skis. It’s use
for me was to engrave brass, plastic, and epoxy masters and molds for
casting. I’d “adopt out” this engraver for $350.00 if any one is
interested and wants to drive out to NM — we’ve got some great
sking going this year. Also have a 3D Scripta benchtop pantograph
milling machine not earning its keep and taking up space. Pictures to
any interested party.

EGX20 Roland is a good pc operated machine or get the regular Dollar
500 block and script font machine for jewellers. Any supply store
would be able to help you with this

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply Inc