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[Source] Enameling kiln in Madison or Ann arbor?

On the road doing shows in Ann arbor and Madison, any one know where
to buy an enameling kiln in these areas, staying in Ft Atkinson, but
catching the ferry on Monday to Ann Arbor,

Thanks in advance,

Vicki, when your in Madison WI you can stop by ‘the Vinery’. Its
just a few blocks from my house and they have a lot of equipment for
glass and fusing. I believe that some of the kilns they have will
work for enameling also. you can get directions from their website
which is…

I buy supplies from them for stained glass that I do with my wife. (
by the way, that is the first time I ever wrote that word!, just
married Saturday). if the directions are confusing then give me a
call at 608-444-9093

best of luck on the road, Jerry