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[Source] Enamel 105A 105B

Dear Orchid

I recently started enameling, I have been working on a project that
requires 105 A and 105B, Coral is out of it and I really need to find
some. Please if any of you have even an ounce you can spare I would
greatly appreciate, Please feel free to contact me off board,


Try shin at the enamel emporium. He also carries that stock. Place
is in transition with Yoko’s death but he is going to carry it on.
The url is

Coral at Enamelworks in Seattle carries them. I don’t have her #
handy but she does have an 800 #.


Thanks to all who have responded,

but unfortunately they have discontinued 105A and 105 B, no company
that I know of has any left

So if you have these enamels and you would like to share some with
me I will gladly pay you for an ounce or whatever you can spare,


Who is the manufacturer?

105A and 105B are Kujaku, (peacock), lead based cloisonne enamels
manufactured by Aoki Metal Ltd, 25-1 Narimasu 3-Chome, Itabashi-Ku,
Tokyo 175, Japan. Telephone 03-3930-1192.

It is possible to deal direct with them however my understanding is
that their minimum individual colour, ie pack quantity is 1 kilo,

Kind regards
Don iorns

The reason these particular enamels are no longer available for sale
is because they were manufactured by the Aoki company in Japan. Aoki
went out of business late last year. Aoki had been a major
manufacturer and we are sad to lose yet another enamel manufacturer.

Judy Stone

Continue from:

Sorry to bring up this subject again, but I’m also stuck with the
105B enamel discontinuance problem.

First of all, I am also desperately seeking 105B and am either
willing to buy it, or, I have a fairly good sized stock of different
Thompson lead bearing enamels that I’d be willing to trade ounce for
ounce (I have no opals, however…)

So, that out of the way, since this enamel seems to be gone for good
(according to my instructor, Coral at Enamelworks ordered a kilo
from them last year prepaid, and STILL hasn’t gotten anything from
them), can anyone on this list recommend a good substitute? My main
problem with most other reds is that I primarily do basse taille
work, and, to use flux under the enamel, sort of defeats the purpose.
Apparently, that particular enamel is one of the few reds that can be
fired directly over silver. Also, it seems to be one of the few reds
that can take multiple firings and not darken.

Anyway, this is what I’m looking for. A nice transparent red color
(closer to blood than candy apple), gold based (not selenium based),
lead bearing, that can be fired directly onto silver, and can take
multiple firings. Enamel Emporium suggests using 5-T, but for
cloisonne work, not necessarily basse taille. I know that this sounds
like a tall order, but this is the reason some of us are pulling our
hair out over the discontinuance of 105B-it was more or less the
perfect red enamel. Not to mention it’s a GORGEOUS color, simply

Ok our 105A and B has folded. There are other manufacturers. Do you
think if enough of us lobbied them they might try to buy up the
formulas that were unique?

This old manufacturer left a market stranded. Does any wise
manufacturer not wish to push his/her product into an empty market?

What reds and purples have we lost? What were their unique qualites.
Assemble our list of woes and lobby, petition - beg even - for
someone else to pick up the slack, assume the mantle, expand their
line and buy the formulas and give us back our lovely colors.

One company has left us hurting. Let us find another to help us.
Companies exist that are already in the leaded enamel business. They
have the equipment and the skills. They just need to aquire the
ticklish formulas.

That’s my rant. Get you requests together and lets make enough noise
to convice somebody that we ARE a market.

Justine Wetherington

What is 5-T color you mentioned? Who is the manufacture?