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[Source] Electric melter and Kln controller

Hi Orchid,

I decided to automate some of my casting processes this year and I’m
looking for an economic alternative to the kerr electro melt. After
some research I settled on the automatic digital type with the
removable crucible, but now I’m having a hard time finding one for

Rio Grande has one in their catalog but it’s out of stock and not
available any time soon. I’ve looked around on the net and have not
found anything comparable in size and price.

I cast less than one kilo at a time so the small model is all I

I’m also looking for an digital kiln controller that will work with
my neycraft oven.

A vibratory polisher is in my future as well so if anyone has a
suggestion on those I would be very grateful.


Rio Grande has one in their catalog but it's out of stock and not
available any time soon. 

Douglas - Contenti has the same one that Rio Grande does not.

All the best,
Suz Andreasen


I have been using electromelts for about 20 years and then last year
mine burned out. I couldn’t get a new fast enough so I purchased the
less expensive one from Rio. I do not recommend this model for these
reasons, and I have discussed this with Rio techs. The unit I had
burned out the fuse after about 6 melts. I called Rio and they told
me how to replace it but it had got so hot that it melted it into
the receptacle! So, I sent it back to Rio for repairs. At this time
they told me there was an issue with the manufacturer in Italy
regarding using a fuse that could not handle the amperage that the
unit needs to operate, they often blow. I got the impression that
Rio may not continue carrying this item. While Rio had it for the
repairs I mentioned that I suspected that it seemed to be running
hotter than the temp meter indicated. They tested it and informed me
that it, in fact was operating at about 250 degrees hotter than the
indicator read and that I should compensate for this when setting
it. Well, if you set at 1950 degrees to melt Rio’s silver you’re
exceeding the units max temp!! No wonder it burns out! Last. The
electromelt is MUCH safer to operate. Everytime I have to lift out a
glowing hot crucible out of the cheap one with the flimsy tongs they
provide I say a hail mary. One slip, a dropped crucible, and you’ve
got molten metal everywhere.

Hope this helps,

Here at the equipment repair center, we see all brands. The Kerr
Electromelt is a quality product. It is well designed and Parts and
Service are easily available. Please remember, It will fail…
because the thermocouple and the heating element muffle assembly are
wear out items and their replacement must be factored into your
operating cost over the life of the equipment. Well, just my
thoughts on the subject.