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[Source] Earring findings

Can anyone point me to a vendor or site that sells something like
this silver domed finding?:

Here are a few pictures:

The finding I am interested in are the last 2 pictures on the page,
entitled “Leverback domed disk earrings.” I am interested in finding
the domed sections of the earring only. They appear to have a post
through the center onto which a gemstone is mounted then either
riveted or soldered on the back, Basically it is a concave silver or
some other metal disk that accents the gemstone through reflection.

Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

Scott S.

I would recommend Metelliferous in NY. They have a great selection
of sterling domes. or 888.944.0909.


why don’t you make them? Use precut discs, drill a hole, smaller
than you need, in the center. Dome the disc , then correct the hole
size for the wire you wish to use. Bead up one end of the wire, put
it thru the bead, and then the domed disc, bead or rivet the wire at
the back side.

Judy Hoch