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[Source] Ear wire stoppers?

When I make sterling French ear wires I have a hard time finding ear
wire stoppers (those plastic or rubber things that make sure the
earrings don’t leave the lobe). I can get them from a number of
online places and local bead shops, but I have a hard time getting
them onto the wire (20 gauge) in the first place. Of course they need
to be tight to be effective but I’ve struggled to slide them onto the

Is there a specific material I should be looking for? Do any of you
have a recommendation for where I can purchase some for my needs?

Mara Nesbitt-Aldrich

Hi Mara,

I routinely drill them out with a bit that matches the ear wire. I
use 20ga ear wire and so use a .8mm bit.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I have had the same problem with plastic (or rubber) ear wire
stoppers having holes too small for 20 gauge. I finally solved the
problem by giving each customer a pair of stoppers that one uses
with post earrings. They hold 20 gauge well, and unless I learn of a
place that sells the plastic ones with larger holes, I will continue
to use them.


I think I bought the last ones from either Thunderbird or Rio.
Sometimes I’ve taken an awl or dental pick to open the rubber to
allow the ear wires to go in easier. Usually I just work the ear wire
into it

Sharon Perdasofpy

Mara- I never use them. Instead I make the wires longer than the
earring and they don’t fall out.

Have fun and make plts of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Before I fit them onto my ear wires - 20 gauge- I take the pointy end
of a drawing compass and insert it into one side of the plug. I
wiggle it around then repeat in the other end of the plug. This seems
to stretch it out sufficiently to fit the plug on the wire without
struggling. I’ve ordered several different kinds of rubber plugs but
have had to stretch all of them this way.

I get these from They come in a 100 package
and a 1440 package. I have bought some clear ones from them, but they
would slip off the earrings. I also bought some long white ones from
Hobby Lobby that were good, but in smaller bunches which makes it
cost more.

I get them from Rio. Get the hold started in them with a straight pin
from your sewing basket and leave it in for as long as it takes to
get the hole bigger. When you take off the earrings, put the stoppers
onto the wires.