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[Source] Drop / Smooth Briolette Gems?

I’ve been having a hard time locating gems that are cut in drop
shape, like briolette but not faceted (just a smooth round teardrop
shape). Does anyone know where I might find these? Does anyone even
make these? :slight_smile:

More specifically, I’m looking for something relatively inexpensive,
transparent or translucent, that is around 20mm tall (can be longer
or shorter but around that size) and is medium to light blue, like
the color of fine turquoise but clear. Can be dyed agate or glass,
even, though I’d prefer to not get one with streaks or bubbles in it.
If anyone can send me a website link or any info on where else I
could look that’d really be helpful. Thanks in advance!


Hi Marcy, I believe I saw what you are looking for in Rio Grande’s
gem catalog. Check out their website at Also, a
company called Fire Mountain Gems might have these as well, check out
their site at .


Hi Dont know if Steve Green carries smooth brio’s but he is
definately the guy with the biggest faceted brio inventory I’ve ever
seen ! (incredible!!) His site address is He
has very cool matched pairs and singles in tons of different shapes
and materials. He also has the most comprehensive web site when it
comes to answering the perplexing question of…‘ok so I love
these brios now how the heck do I set them?’ He has done strength
and efficiency tests on several setting techniques and even supplies
you with the correct conical cap in wax that fits the specific stone
you pick.


In response to Marcy’s request: A source for high quality faceted
BRIOLETTES and SMOOTH DROPS is Rough and Ready Gems.       

tel: 303.933.7670

Steve Green