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[Source] Display turntables

Looking for a source for battery operated little turntables, about
10-15 cm (4-6 inches) across, that rotate about 4 rpm.


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, California 94102
tel: 415-391-4179
fax: 415-391-7570

Alan, I just received the new display and packaging catalog from Rio
today, and they have a battery operated turntables 1n 3" & 7". Hope
this helps. Harold

I have two of these, purchased on ebay, jewelry…display…put
"turntable" in the search box. They are mirrored; the rotation rate
is 1.3 rpm. There are several available at the moment.

Donna in VA


Stuller sells them, however the smallest turntable is 7x2.5" and
goes for $20.95 each, unless you buy more than 6. I have seen them
in their Display and Packaging Catalog, Pg. 142, item# 61-0267.
They have these tiled mirrors ont he sides that make it look very
disco, but I am sure a man with your creativity can modify that if
desired. Alll the best! Sara

Sara D. Grinnell
Studio C Designs

Alan, here are a few sources. The first one is the right diameter,
turns @ 2.5 rpm. 5.9" turntables

3" turntables

8" turntables

Joel Schwalb

Alan: I bought two battery turntables fron Rio Grand about two months
ago. They have a on-off switch and the top is a mittir. It has worked
great for me , It has attracted a lot of attension which is what I
thaought it would do. They are listed with silver or gold coloring.

Billy . Bates

Stuller carries mirrored motion displays
Large silver display dimensions 9 1/2 x 2 7/8
Small silver display dimensions 7 x 2 1/2
Small gold display dimensions 7 x 2 1/2

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Sales/ Tools and Technical
Stuller Inc.
337-262-7700 ext. 4194
337-262-7791 fax