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[Source] Display Cases

Hi All,

We’re in NYC and was hoping if anyone has any suggestion for a
display case vendor (Doesn’t have to be from the East Coast).
We’ve been looking at catalogs from some manufacturers including
Techno (CA). I personally didn’t realize that display cases cost
that much money.

We even tried inquiring into used display cases around here but
of to no avail. Would appreciate any help or suggestion. Thanks
in advance. – H.A.A.

Many years ago I ordered table top display cases from a company
that is called Allstate and located in Perth Amboy NJ. I do
remember it being very reasonably priced. Their phone number is
(732) 4421199. I hope this helps. Diane Sadel JD Findindgs

I use Grice showcases in Charlotte,NC. Call and ask for Keely
Grice the number is 1-704-332-3836…I recently purchased 16
cases. They manufacture new cases on the premises. They also
travel with big Jewelry Shows and sell the cases after the
shows, which , may have been used only once or

Are we looking for fancy wood/chrome/formica guild store-type
cases or portable, take to Art-in-the-Park-Saturday,
pack-them-in-the-van-Sunday -type cases? Have we checked the
classifieds is National Jeweler, Metalsmith, Crafts Report, and
your local weekly papers, paying special attention to Going-Out
-Of- Business sales? I’ve got a couple of 6’ golden oak amd
black lacquer jobs circa 1940, but they’re heavy as the dickens
and you’d have to get them out of my basement -
if you’re serious. Good luck!


Hi, I got a most wonderful display case (wood, about 6’ tall, with
five lovely shelves) at IKEA for $70. Wasn’t even looking for one
there, but grabbed it and now have it in my store and love it.

Can you tell me more about this case,please? Dimensions, model #,
colors available, I have need for something like that in my home. TIA,
Lorri @lorrif


I’m currently in the planning stages of opening a store, and need
help finding display cases. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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where are you opening the store? I have some glass cube cases -
they are open, so not secure, but lovely. They are in the LA area.
Email to dina at @Dina_Weavers.