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[Source] Delrin Rods


Hello All, I’m trying to find a source for small quantities of Delrin
rod to make my own mallets and tools. I’m interested in diameters
ranging from 3/4" to 1 1/2" and I don’t mind buying remnants so long
as they’re usable. I just don’t want to buy huge minimum orders.
Thanks in advance for your help. Donna Shimazu


I would suggest Tap Plastics. Do they have them in Hawaii? If not,
let me know and I will forward their number to you, Donna. Shael


Hi, You can get delrin rod from McMaster Carr at There are no quantities required and there
are thousands of other items that are also available.
Daniel Grandi


Donna - Small Parts sells Delrin rod from 1/8" to 3" in diameter.
You can reach them at: 1(800)220-4242. They also have a web site at: Steve.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA


Hello, Go to I’ve ordered small
quantities of Delrin rods from them. The website doesn’t have much on
it but you can order a catalog or give them a call. I really like this
company, they have a lot of strange little things to get the
imagination going and have no problem with small orders.

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry


Hi Donna, Look in the yellow pages to see if there is a plastics
manufacturing plant in your area, or a factory that makes things
from plastic. I got my delrin from the scrap bins of our local
plastic manufacturing plant here in Portland, Oregon. I also got
sheets of 1/4inch plastic to use in making dies for my hydraulic
press The man who was in charge of scrap plastic was even kind
enough to cut the delrin rods into lengths that were suitable for my
needs. Usually they like you to call ahead as they have certain hours
during which they allow the public in to seek out goodies. If you
live anywhere near the Portland, Or. contact me offline and I will
be happy to get the address of the place where I got my
stuffditto, anyone else who is interested. I even located a place
not too far out that uses urethane in their products and was able
to get different weights of urethane to use with my press.
Unfortunately this place no longer allows the public to go through
their bins as they are afraid that someone might get hurt and sue
them. However, the place that had the delrin did not have such
fears, and was delighted to be able to recyle their waste. I think I
paid well under $l0.00 for a goodly amount of plastic which I was
able to share with friends who were also interested in synclastic
raising and needed the delrin hammers. Good luck in your search.


I get mine at Cadillac Plastics they are nation wide.


Donna, Are you near a TAP Plastic’s? They carry Delrin rods here in
Northern California. Helene


I would seek the local plastic supply house, they all have remnant
counters where the stuff can be bought by the pound… Around here its
Ain plastics or Cadillac plastics… Hope this helps! Bob


I’m not sure if anyone has chimed in with this source… Cadillac
Plastics is a distributor with retail locations in many metropolitan
areas. Might be worth checking the phone book to see if you have one
in your area. They carry Delrin, plexiglass, etc.


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)


Delrin or UHMW rods are available from Cadillac Plastics, a chain of
plastic suppliers all over the country. Usually the local one has an
associated business that sells the scrap. At least in Denver, the
scrap bins are gone and we have to go way south for scrap. Call
Cadillac, and they will tell you the minimum you can buy. Usually 10
feet, I think in the rod. Incidently, I like the UHMW better than
Delrin for mallets. Judy in sunny springtime Denver,