[Source] Deep green tsavorite round melee

Does anyone have a good source for deep green tsavorite in round
melee sizes, 2 mm, 2.1 mm, 2.2 mm.

hey richard i have deep green 2mm size, for 15.00 per stone,
med-dark green for 13.00 and medium for 11.00, hope this helps.

ken mitchell

Hans Dieter Haag in Germany is a primary source for tsavorite from
the origial mine.

I met these folks in Tuscon at GJX a few years ago. They have the
deepest, widest inventory in tsavorite I’ve ever seen.

Andre Assaf - The Tsavorite Factory RM
10 West 46th Street, Suite 910
New York NY 10036, USA
Tel: ++212-3911155
Fax: ++212-3911159
Contact Person: Andre Assaf

Matthew Crawford