[Source] Custom stamps

Can someone please suggest the best place to order a custom stamp
for use on the back of my work?

And, are there ready made stamps available indicating sterling
silver, various gold etc…

Thank you!

Can someone please suggest the best place to order a custom
stampfor use on the back of my work? 

I just ordered one with my company’s initials, copyright, and metal
type from Indian Jewelers Supply and was very pleased with price,
service, and production time. The charge $28 for a stamp with up to
three characters, then $4.50 for each additional character and $5.80
for each additional line. The will also do full custom stamps with
you supplying the artwork. They were half the price and twice as
fast as the “other” popular stamp maker.


Can someone please suggest the best place to order a custom stamp
for use on the back of my work? 

harpermfg.com is the company I used last, Tim is the main guy there,
and for $40 rush charge they can knock it out in a day or two if you
have artwork ready…normal turnaround is a couple of weeks. A happy
customer of theirs.



check for microstampusa.com they are great and their work is neat and

Have fun,
Ced the Belgian

I recently had two very detailed custom makers mark stamps produced

AA White
(401) 453-4300

My design was difficult and small, but they came out tiny, detailed
and tempered to just the right hardness.

…The price was better than the four other places I called…

Warm Regards,
Kennon Young, GG, CBJT, AM

Thank you to everyone who contributed vendor ideas for custom logo
stamps and “off the shelf” stamps. I contacted all four companies
recommended so I thought the results of my outreach might be of
interest. Here’s the I received:

Indian Jewelers Supply:–Custom stamp 1/8"–$56 and “Sterling"

AA White: They don’t specialize in jewelry stamps and seemed
confused by my request. They told me they would get back to me with a
quote, but never did.

Microstamp USA: They never returned my call or email.

Harper Mfg: Initially quoted $110 for custom stamp and $17 for a
"sterling" stamp. When I tried to place an order for the "sterling"
stamp only, I was told that there was a ten piece minimum required
without a custom stamp order included. They suggested I contact Otto
Frei for a “sterling” stamp.

I ended up ordering the custom logo stamp from IJS at $56 and the
"sterling" stamp at Otto Frie which was $18 with my Orchid 5%

Thanks again for all the leads!

Thanks for the stamp info. I followed your advice and ordered ordered
a 1mm custom stamp from Indian Jewelry supply. The people were really
nice but I was sent a 2.7mm wide and 1.85 high stamp. This was even
after 2 confirmation emails and a phone call. I had a jeweler friend
double check the size and he got even larger numbers. I ordered the
1mm for specific pieces and, needless to say, the almost 3mm stamp is
too big… Just thought I should pass this on so anyone ordering
stamps from this company can follow the adage - “Buyer beware.”

Did you call and ask IJS to replace it? They’re usually really good
about making sure you get what you want/need. I would just call and
let them know that you got the wrong item, and then forward the
e-mails to them so they can see the error was on their part. They
should clean it up for you.

Thanks for the tip. I called and they were really great about it.
They are replacing it for me to the size I ordered. They told me I
didn’t need to forward the emails because there records matched mine.