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[Source] Custom Stamped Jewelry Tags

Does anyone know a good source where die struck (white or yellow)
14ky tags custom stamped (as specified by the customer) can be
purchased at a reasonable quantity price break?

Hi, We can make a cnc model of the tag you would be interested in…
Perhaps slightly thicker than a stamping, then cast it in 14k y/w
gold…this may end up less expensive than stamping as most stamping
houses doing gold add in a lot of expense as they have to have all
their left over stamping stock ( after stamping from flat stock)
refined and turned back into flat stock… this can add up to 30 % to
the cost of a stamping in gold . We could then cast the tags , where
the loss factors are far less. We suggest putting all the info on one
side of the tag, texturing the other side to eliminate polishing. Then
we can cast them , remove the sprue, and vibratory finish them. We can
be contacted at:

sales@racecar Attn: Dan or Bobby or Tel: 401-461-7803 for
Dan 401-270-1196 for Bobby We also do cnc model work and casting in
gold,silver, brass/bronze and pewter for the trade.

Dear Barb, Microstamp in Pasadena, CA has down to the tiniest and
sharpest stamps; they also manufacture small sterling jewelry tags.
I’m very happy with the signature stamp I had them make. They also
have what they call microlabels. Get those Zeiss lenses out! The
phone number is 1-800-243-3543. What a find. I live about 8 min.
from the place. These items are not cheap, but very well made. I
believe they do a lot of custom work for our familiar jewelry tool

Kay Taylor