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[Source] Custom made tubes


I’ve been calling all around and can not seem to find someone who
stocks large tubes or who will make custom tubes.

Do you know of any sources or someone who can make this?

Tube specs are:

-outside diameter 11.8 mm -tube thickness 0.8 -inside thickness 11 mm



I’m confused - if the metal thickness is to be 0.8mm then the inside
diameter must be 10.2mm. No wonder you are having trouble finding
someone to make the tube.


Hi Laurie,

Your request does not state in what metal you need your custom tube
to be made. Please specify and I may be able to help.


Hi Laurie,

-outside diameter 11.8 mm -tube thickness 0.8 -inside thickness 11

I think you need to take a closer look at your requirements. This
would be impossible to make.

If as you say, the outside diameter is 11.8 mm & the inside diameter
is 11 mm; the tube thickness can only be 4 mm. If you want a.8 mm
wall thickness the OD must be 12.6 mm if you need a 11.0 mm ID or the
ID must be 10.2 mm if you need a 11.8 mm OD.


Stearn Leach. Expect to pay tooling and purchase a minimum of 100



-outside diameter 11.8 mm -tube thickness 0.8 -inside thickness 11

You will never find a source at least in this universe. The numbers
just don’t add up, with an ID of 10.2 it is possible but probably
difficult to find short of a custom order.

Best bet is to make it yourself. A boat trailer winch and a few
pieces of 2x4 = a draw bench possible for less than $50. for a picture of

A draw plate even made with mild steel will last a long long time.
Besides, while making wire or sheet can get boring really quickly but
there is still some sort of magic for me in pulling tubing.


PS: If you get really desperate contact me off line, I won’t do
major amounts and have no cheap workies on staff, but also don’t have
the minimums of a refiner.

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

OMG I forgot to add in the .8 twice…

Here are the correct specs and missing info. for the tubes I am
looking for:

Tube specs:
inside diameter (must be precise, it can’t be smaller): 11 mm
tube/wall thickness:.8
outside diameter: 12.6 (11mm +.8 +.8)

Material/s First production will be in sterling silver followed by
18k yellow gold


You can always make yourself a drawplate with just afew holes and
the 12.6mm as the final size. Draw the sheet strip around an 11m mm
rod to get an accurate size. Not as hard as it might seem, you can
buy tool steel bar and harden and temper it so it can be used many

regards Tim Blades.