[Source] Custom cut lapis

I would appreciate any leads or suggestions for a source for a piece
of high quality lapis, custom cut to my specifications. Of course the
Orchid family is the ultimate source. Thank you in advance for
steering me in the right direction.


I can help you with a part of your question. Although the other part
I can not (I cut my own). However, this may be the best material you
can get, a bit pricey, but. If it is one piece, you may want to write
he does sell some cabs, no harm in that, it may harm the pocket book
though. I do not know, but sometimes you can also get something done
for some consideration. If it is one piece depending on how it is
asked you may be able to talk him into it, or he may be able to refer
you to someone. I do not know if you can get as good as this that is
commercially cut.


That’s Jeff Graham, one of the best-known facet designers and
cutters. I’ve never dealt with him for cabs, but his facet rough is
hand-selected and top quality. Anyone interested in faceting should
look at faceters.com. Don’t miss the “Just Ask Jeff” link.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ