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[Source] Current wax patterns

Would like to obtain some ‘new’ jewelry waxes! Seems that only the
very old styles are available from the ‘Wax Houses’! Suggestions as
to wax companies that are producing wax patterns that reflex the
current (say, the last 5 years) styles in rings,pendants,etc.

Thanks, Jim

Hi jim

I have about 3500 rubber molds with all kinds of patterns. There is
a broad collection, and many are my carvings. There are rings,
pendants etc. I have a selection on my website ( look under services
/ wax patterns ) to view if you wish, and they are all available for
sale. Also in my 3D design gallery, many of the pieces shown are also
available as wax models. These patterns I have to mill, and are more
expensive, but are accurate and heavy enough for second generation

I appoligize for the wax photos not being super clear, but I think
you can get the idea from most of them. You will have to contact me
for stone specs. on the mounts.

Dave Mereski

Hi Jim,

I have recently purchased the entire stock of 4000 rubber moulds
from a manufacturing jeweller,they consist of rings, pendants, toe
rings, earrings, collets, findings and some charms.

I have catalogued approx 850 to date with over 3200 to go. I have to
inject each wax then weigh and measure, as there is no catalogue
from the manufacturing jeweller. Included in the rings are a large
number of 2 part patterns which allow casting in 2 different metals.
I will be setting up a website with the entire stock when all are
injected etc. These patterns have not been released to the trade or
public before so will be a unique offering. I will post details of
the website when I have completed, if there is anything that you
specifically require now let me know and I will try to help.

Cheers from Australia, Ivan.