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[Source] Crystal and Amythest points


Quite some time ago I had an excellent source for crystal points
(clear & treated). The Arkansas mine owner would match the points
for earrings and you could specify the length you wanted. They went
out of their way to help you. I would buy enough to last me a couple
of years at times. Well the mine owner died, the people who took over
could care less about matching points for earrings, and were not at
all helpfull. Does anyone have a good source? I’d also love to find
a source for amythest points. These I used for Hand-Sculptured Wire

The past year I’ve also found an excellent silversmith instructor,
but I really don’t know how I’d apply this to the crystal points.

Any help is great appreciated. I’ve been making jewelry full time
for over 20 years.

Thank you,
Sharon Perdasofpy

Does anyone have a good source? I'd also love to find a source for
amythest points. 

For clear points, I suggest you contact the mines on the Mt. Ida

For amethyst, I haven’t a clue.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ


Check out Howard Schlansker, out of Massachussetts. I have known him
for over 40 years as a dealer.

Judy Shaw
formerly known with late husband as Jasco Minerals