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[Source] Corregated boxes with removable lids

When I worked in Denver with a lapidary company they always had
these boxes as storage items for minerals and crystals. Now I am
needing them to use for storage.

I am looking for a source for corrugated boxes. We used to call them
mineral boxes. They are about 12" wide, about 18" long, and about 4"

The tops can be removed and the bottom section can be set into it
when the contents are displayed or shown.

The box companies I have spoken to here in Portland don’t carry
them. One party I talked to said they always got theirs when they
were in Quartzite.

Ideas or company names please.

Larry E. Whittington

Hi Larry,

You might try They have a wide selection of boxes & other
shipping/storage solutions.

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied customer.

Dave has all that stuff…

These are called Riker Mounts. You’ll find them easily under this


Look in your yellow pages for packaging or shipping supplies.

John Dach

These are called Riker Mounts 

I thought Riker Mounts were the Dacron filled flat, leatherette
covered, glass topped display cases used for displaying cabs and
whatever small items that are relatively flat. The come in various
sizes from about a 2x2 inch square, to jewelry tray size, to bigger.
At least when I buy them that’s what I order…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado