[Source] Copper wire

I am looking for flat and round copper wire, 28 to 34 gauge, and
cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can get it?

Thanks! Karen

An amazing assortment of copper and other metals in shapes sizes
ect. http://metalliferous.com


Karen, Indian Jewelers Supply has 28 and 30 gauge copper sheet. I
don’t see copper wire that thin in their catalog, but just ask them.
Also try Metalliferous.

All the best,
Judy Bjorkman

The round wire may only be only a problem because of a minimum
billing of $125 at Malinco.com look at craft / copper the minimum
may not be a problem because of your use or they may be able to send
you to a local reseller for smaller quantities. Flat wire is really
undefined – I think you may mean thin foil but you need a thickness
and a width. And a since you find it hard to do if you want really
long pieces, sort ones - you can shear from foil yourself. try foil
from nimrodhall.com. also try hagstoz.com.


Have you considered a scrap metal yard? It’s often a lottery but
often possible to get a variety of copper wire (ex-wiring, busbars
etc) and sheet (ex-house guttering) at a fraction of the cost of new

Lowers your studio’s eco-footprint a little bit, too!


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