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[Source] Copper casting grain?

I recently have been experimenting with a marriage of copper and
sterling silver. Although I realize that one can find scrap copper
quite easily, it has proven to me to be quite a feat to find any
company that sells small quantities of copper casting grain, for my
process requires regular BB-sized blebs of copper. Can anyone help
me find some? Thanks all.


Fioa International in Arezzo, Italy has copper grain. Go to Section C
page 28 in the online catalog

Rame gocce in Italian means copper drops.

I missed the original post- No need to buy offshore. But we have
very clean copper grain we sell at PMWest, $.50Toz no minimum. If its
thousands of ounces-Larger quantities can be found at Belmont metals
in NY.

UPS ground is inexpensive anywhere in the continental US.

Daniel Ballard