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[Source] Columbus Ohio diamond dealers


I used to have a custom jewelry store in Florida, but moved back to
Columbus, Ohio several years ago to help care for my aging parents.
When I moved back, I went back into commercial banking and kept the
jewelry business as a side occupation. I have been getting more work
lately and have a couple clients that are wanting 2ct round diamond
engagement rings.

Can anyone recommend a diamond wholesaler in the Columbus, Ohio
area? I still have the contacts for who I used in Florida, but would
prefer to be able to see the stones in person. Any suggestions would
be welcome. Thanks.


Hi Kevin,

I grew up in Columbus. (More or less) Left about 20 years back, so I
don’t have any current connections, but there are two people I’d

(A) Werkhaven’s. (If you haven’t found them yet, you should) Only
real jewelry supply house in the area. North High, just short of

They don’t do diamonds, but if anybody in the area does, they’d know
who. (They might not tell you until you prove that you’re for real,
but that’s up to you.)

(B) Orchid’s own ‘Goo’. (Gustavo Hoefs). Runs a very nice little
custom jewelry shop in Beechwold. On High, just south of Morse.

(Beechwold Custom Jewelry. ) If
it means anything, when my mom needed a ring worked on and I
couldn’t get to it, I sent her to Goo. He might be able to hook you
in to the locals.

For whatever that all’s worth.


I would certainly recommend Ajay Bansal he specializes in colored
gemstones but also carries Diamonds (can get any thing really) and
is an honest guy , Ajay Bansal 5166031799