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[Source] Columbian emeralds

I have a request for Columbian Emeralds. Does anyone have a good
source. Thanks, Joel

Joel Schwalb


When you say “Columbian” emeralds, keep in mind that many sellers
will tell you that their emeralds are Columbian, just like their
rubies are Burmese, when they could be from many different places,
but because of a price premium on these stones, and the extreme
difficulty in proving origin, many stones are misrepresented.

for example, look at ebay, all rubies are now “burmese pigeon blood
red”. if it’s important to your customer that the emeralds be
Columbian (that is, from Columbia) then only buy them from a
reputable dealer and get an origin report from a major gemological
laboratory, though many gem labs won’t do origin reports due to the
difficulty of proving without a doubt the origin of a stone. if your
customer simply means fine quality emeralds (like those from
Columbia) then your options become much wider and more affordable. a
good place to check out is, it is an auction site run by
the AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Science) in Bangkok. they
have lots of stones ranging from commercial quality to fine
collectors stones, and they won’t say the stones are Columbian, or
Burmese, or whatever if they’re not. and just so you know, i have no
affiliation with them (other than that i went to school there once)
and i am not selling any stones there. i just really like it because
it’s such a great gem auction site. anyhow, good luck emerald