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[Source] Clear glass cabochons


Where I can find clear glass cabs?

I need a solid glass (clear) cabochon that I wish to have engraved
with a pic on the inside and set into my own pendant (so I can make a
necklace out of it).

I did a quick search online and couldn’t find any…


You are speaking of creating an intaglio. I suppose it MIGHT be done
in glass, but quartz caps are easily found and will carve better and
give a nicer frosted tool surface…and are much more durable.

Check Rio…



Most craft shops (like Micheals) sell glass ‘globs’ that people use
as a base for flower arrangements. The glass pieces are flat on the
bottom and usually round to slightly oval. They range in size from
about 12 mm to 5 cm. They come in clear or a variety of transparent
colors. People often use them in stained glass settings, however I
have set them in ring bezel or pendant settings for a silly playful

lorrie mason