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[Source] [China] Stainless steel jewelry

Maybe you should try finding a Company in the USA…Too many people
go to CHINA for things when they should try to keep the business here
in the good old USA…the problem in this Country is that people
complain about loseing business because of the China
Imports…China imports are killing our Country…End of Story,
Sincerely, Richard Lucas of LUCAS DENTAL CO., BROOKLYN, NY 11216

Although Richard and I have emailed each other privately and had
some nice personal thoughts, I thought I would send through my
initial response to him. Subsequently we have discussed his initial
email and ended enjoying the thought that he would be enjoying his
’Kingsford’ barbeque on Monday.


Ever consider we are actually international and not located in
the USA? Ever consider we have actually researched sources in the
USA, but would like to have a broader choice to make our
decision. If the companies in the USA that we have located are
more competitive and can produce a finer product we certainly
will use a USA firm. However, I do appreciate your patriotism. 

Thanks for the response.

We are international and import probably over (95%) of all our
products from the USA.

Still would appreciate any help in sourcing a Mfg. of stainless
steel in China.

Many Thanks!!!

I agree try to find a USA source. several reasons, with first hand

I spent over two years along with a group of fellow artists trying
to buy a bulk order of a special and expensive photography chemical.
It took that long because each batch had to be tested for purity and
usability. 2 years later we finally had a batch that would serve us.
Quality was the issue.

Husband use to work for a large catalogue company that also has a
vast store front network. They routinely had to send back any where
from 1/3 to 1/2 of their order because the items didn’t meet quality
control on a minimum level.

I have a friend that use to own the WahWah mountain bixbite mine.
They sent to china nearly 400 pounds of crystals to be cut. This is
almost 8 years since, and they have received a whopping three stones.
While that company continues to sell the bixbite (red emerald) in the

I have another lapidary friend. He sends to china many times a year
several 55 gallon drums of rough material to be cut. I understand
losing weight due to cutting the stones, but they are lucky to get
back even 5% of what they sent over. As a result the two mines he
owns he will not send them rough from them. They are rare stones and
he doesn’t want to lose stones to have them show up on the market
else where.

It was explained to me by a neighbor that had moved to this country
from Shanghai, That it was normal for half or more to be retained by
the company. It is how it had always been done. Yet to us in this
country, we scream about such practices. As to quality control, they
don’t care and if caught sending substandard goods, only then will
they try to fix the problem. The next time an order is placed, you
have to worry will the process of finding substandard work happen all
over again. Frustrating enough to deal with things like this in this
country, but try to deal with it over seas in China if you are not
going to be there to stand over them and watch.

In the end, Good luck with your project.