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[Source] Ceramic Beads - Job Shop?

Does anyone know a source for custom ceramic (probably porcelain)
beads? I have made metal models for these beads, will initially
need several hundred, and they will have to be absolutely identical
to each other. If the product works out, I will be looking for
someone to manufacture these beads. Am I looking for a slip-casting
job shop? Has anyone out there been down this road?

There is a place in Bulgaria called Golem Design Studio. I have
spoken with them about doing a couple of custom ceramic beads. They
have sent me a sample pack of some really fun stuff. You can see
their website at or you can email
them at

I haven’t actually ordered from them yet, that will have to be in
the future. I did like what they sent me, however. Good luck.


In Chandler, AZ I have found a pottery shop called “Mind Over
Splatter”-the owners are selling my jewelry, and have also told me
they can get ceramic beads and pendants. I’m taking my daughter and
her friend there today to do some painting, and plan on talking to
the owners more indepth about the ceramic beads.