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[Source] Carving intaglio in gemstones


I am looking for if any…Companies that carve intaglio in
gemstones such as amethyst, Garnet, topaz saph ruby. I wish it to be
with Cad/cam technology laser cut or milled with a cad/cam machine
to produce a run where all single stones are carved identically. I
am located in London England. art is to be carved into the back of a
cab stone so it can be viewed from the top of the stone

Please advise.
With thanks

Hi Ian,

Check with Hans Ulrich Pauly. He and
his wife Gabby (who you’ll probably be speaking to if you call) are
amazing people. In 2001, I was lucky enough to do a practical under
him for a year, and just prior to my departure he was turning to
laser technology to handle large orders of identical carvings.