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[Source] Cartouche


Looking for sources for a cartouche. Anybody got any ideas?


Hi, I regards to your request for the Cartouche, I make them and
if you are interested I can e-mail some pictures… I make them in
3 different sizes to accomadate long and short names… I think
you will be very pleased with ours compared to other companies…
They really are very nice…

Marc Williams
MarcCo. Jewelry Mfg.


Buy the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’. It is THE primal referance
source for cartouche work. Kim.


There are a couple of companies in the us that handle these.
They usually are advertised in the classified of the National



Sources are available in Smithsonian Magazine Classifieds in the
last few pages and also from Archaeology Magazine in the
Classifieds if you want to order one.

Donna in WY


Hi- I have purchased cartouches from , Marc
Williams. He makes a couple of different sizes and will even set
an accent stone in them. They are well constructed and very
nicely done, the glyphs are very sharp and stand out well. I’ve
had several repeat customers, who have recommended the cartouches
I sell to their friends. Needless to say I’ve been well pleased
with what Marc has made for me to sell. They make them in
sterling silver, ss with 14K gold letters and in 14k. I think
they can do other gold qualities too. Good Luck. Leslie


Hi! I know there probably is a time lapse on this answer but
here it goes anyway. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
and Penguin Books have published a set of stamps and an
educative booklet for children. It has been the easiest source
of hieroglyphs for me as it is designed to correspond to the
western alphabet. You can probably get it from the Museum
itself or order it online from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. It
has saved me a great deal of time. The set is called “Fun with
Hieroglyphs” by Catharine Roehrig. Best wishes, hope this helps.