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[Source][Canada] sheet metal


i’m looking for canadian suppliers of copper and brass sheet metal.
anybody have any leads?

thank you,
gail swetlow


Hi Gail, These suppliers are all in Ontario. Hopefully they will be
of use to you, since I don’t know where you are in Canada. 1.Lacy & Co.
1-800-387-4466 - 55 Queen St. E. Toronto (pricey for this)
2.Peckover’s 905-669-9444 - 12 Centre St. Concord 3.Russel Metals
416-283-2828 - 1900 Minnesota Ct. Ste. 210 Mississauga 4.Solway Metal
Sales 416-531-1131 - 26 Ernest Ave. Toronto ~Christine


Hi, If you only want small quantities you can usually find it in a
hobby/model shop that caters to model train and boat buffs (at least
here in Victoria). For larger quanities of copper - roofing supply
companies carry it. House of Tools (check the phone book) in Western
Canada also stocks some brass material for knife making (they used to

  • hopefully still do). I am not sure if Princess Auto Supply does or
    not - they are online at - it is a fun
    site to look at for tools and stuff too!

Hope this helps,
Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rocks