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[Source] Can you still buy YAG?

I’m wondering if you can still buy YAG? (the diamond simulant.) My
son (age 7) is collecting samples of everything on the Periodic Table
of the Elements (except the radioactive or dangerous stuff, of
course.) I thought YAG would be a good one for Yittrium.

He blogs about the elements here:
if you’d like to see his level of interest and collection so far.



Elaine Luther! The correct name for YAG is “Yttrium Aluminium
Garnet” (please excuse the spelling).

Fantastic description of the “Periodic Elements”, good for him…:>)


I'm wondering if you can still buy YAG? (the diamond simulant.) 

YAG is available from most dealers who sell faceting rough. For

I’ve not seen it used as a diamond simulant, though. Both the RI and
dispersion are pretty low for that. It’s available in various colors,
but it might be harder to find colorless YAG.

Al Balmer
Pine City, NY

It is used for windows in lasers so it is still available. Yttria is
also used for doping cubic zirconia so that is another path to

Nick Royall