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[Source] Calibrated Cab Supplier

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had a good supplier for calibrated cabs
that I could buy in consistant quality/quantity. I am looking for
peridot, amethyst, peruvian opal, carnelian…etc. Nothing real
exotic. In basic 3-6mm round and oval.

I know that Rio carries a lot of these but does not carry everything
I would like…and I also like to have two suppliers if possible.

Any suppliers with a decent website or catalog would be greatly


I have been happy with calibrated cabs from Alpha Imports in NY, NY

Their web site is extensive but I’ve been able to call and ask for
things that I didn’t find on their site. For example, I wanted some
various cabs but needed them at a cheaper price. They had lesser
qualities available for lower prices that were not on their site. I
was very satisfied after receiving them too.

No connection, just a customer.

Alpha Imports on Ganoksin

Help others make informed buying decisions with Alpha Imports. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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I was wondering if anyone had a good supplier for calibrated cabs

Hello Heather,

If you’re ok using a UK supplier I can recommend KernowCraft
( I’ve ordered a fair amount of stuff from them, all
"semi-precious" cabs, and have been quite satisfied.

They carry precious and semi-precious stones, they’ve got a wide
selection and a lot of their items have an "order 10, get 2 free"
price break.

I should mention though that their website is a bit odd. The
navigation is a little klunky and the online ordering process takes a
bit of getting used to (tip: write down what you’re ordering because
the invoice at the end only shows their stock numbers, not the
description of the individual items). It’s no problem once you get
the hang of it.

Trevor F.


Zarlene Imports, Inc.
1550 East Oakland Park Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
Phone: 954-566-4081
Toll Free: 1-800-223-7999

Kim - We have a briolette specialist on the list, who seems to be
too shy to speak up. I can’t recall the name (no comments please),
but I believe his website is

Also - Fire Mountain sells briolette sets. I’ve never bought any,
can’t vouch for the quality.