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[Source] Cabs of agatised coral

Hello all

I am looking for some cabs of agatised coral and Palm trees …
differents sizes to largish. Can anyone make any suggestions for
range and prices - an Australian site or person would be nice but
not necessary. Direct off group replies are good too.



As far as I know, the prettiest fossil coral cabs are from
Indonesia. A friend of mine, an etsy seller living in Thailand, gets
his cabs from an American geologist who helped develop the industry
in Java. You might check out his cabs to see if there are any that
interest you. I think his prices are quite reasonable.



Please be aware alot of Indonesian coral in order to get thye good
pink or other colors is heated. A better choice and much raraier but
very nice and 100% natural agatized coral is from Utah and called Red
Horn Coral It is a reddish sunburst pattern coral If you are
intersted in this coral you may contact me off line.

Lee Horowitz, M.Ed,CAGS, Gemologist
Peru Blue Opal Ltd
Horowitz Co-KCIG Co Ltd