[Source] Built-in Ring Sizers?

Hello all,

Hello! I am looking for ring sizers, similiar in purpose to the
finger-fit and surefit shanks, that look like paperclips. Anyone know
what I am talking about? Please let me know. I know that I’ve seen
these before, but I can’t find them for the life of me! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Rose M. Welch
Graham Jewelry

Hi Rose,

Easy enough to make. Solder a tube at 8 O’clock (counter sink if the
shank is thick enough) and build a bead at 4 O’clock (knotch if the
shank is thick enough). Then run a wire through the tube, bend flush
to the width of the shank to the 4 O’clock side. Instead of
soldering the ends together you’ll get a stronger clip if you fuse
the wire ends. (Very similar to making a figure 8 safety) Err on the
long side…you can always make it tighter…

Hope that helps.



Jon Michael Fuja


R-Findings (http://www.rfindings.com/) has the Swing Guard - is that
what you are looking for?