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[Source] Bronze Sheet

I am interested in using sheet bronze for forming and fabrication. 

Jeanie - All of my bronze holloware is from Bronze sheet from
Hagstoz - I have been using their bronze since the mid 1970’s
(fortunately I purchased enough years ago when it was less pricey) It
is one of my favorite metals - It is very malleable and is great to
patina. They are terrific to do business with - A lot of my other
holloware is made from metals purchased from them too ( over many
many years) just a happy customer


[re Hagstoz’s “bronze”] …it is under the commercial name Nu gold,
which is a copper alloy, I am not sure how accurate thatpercentages
were that they gave you. it is fairly nice not as soft as commercial
bronze but works much better then any yellow brass.

Nu-gold is a brass, not bronze, since the alloying metal is zinc,not
tin. I was in Hagstoz’s store in Philadelphia once and asked them
about the inaccuracy of calling a copper-zinc alloy “bronze” rather
than “brass.” The man just said that this was the commercial name for

I just googled “Nu-gold” and I’ll quote myself from an earlier
Orchid entry:

  Those of us who have been working in base metal for a long
  time recognize the name "Nugold" as an alternative designation
  for "red brass," "Merlin's Gold," "Jeweler's Bronze," and etc.
  See the description of brass sheet (CDA #230 alloy -- 85%
  copper/15% zinc) in Rio Grande's "Gems & Findings" catalog.
  Nugold may have up to 90% copper & 10% zinc. But its general
  appearance is the same. 

I suspect that the seeming reluctance to call a copper-zinc alloy
simply “brass” has something to do with the greater “prestige” which
the word “bronze” has in English, since bronze is an “art metal” and
brass is just a work-horse metal. What do you think?

Judy Bjorkman

there was someone on orchid looking for bronze. Below is a note
received from Metalliferous.

We do carry commercial bronze sheet. The sizes are 6 x 6, 6 x
12, 12 x 12,12 x24 in 12 gauge. We also carry a 12 x36 in
14,16,18,,20 and 22 gauge They come in the above sizes also.

Liane Redpath Worlund

Commercial bronze CDA 220 is 90% copper 10 % zinc. It is a brass
sometimes also called yellow brass…