[Source] Briolette citrine or substitute


I’ve been trying to source INEXPENSIVE briolette citrines for a
client on a tight budget. We’ll need 6 of them in the 16x8 or 20x10
size ranges, and she is tending toward the full-round teardrop.
She’s looking for a medium color (not too dark) in the saffron range
(not too lemony). Preference is for horizontally drilled, but I can
make a vertically drilled piece work if I have to.

In order to fit her budget, I need to source these at no more than
$8 - 9 each (wholesale and I have a resale cert for PA). None of my
regular suppliers have been able to find appropriate pieces, at this
point, but I do still have a couple working on it.

So here are my questions:

  1. Anyone out there have anything that might fit the bill in that
    price range?

  2. Anyone out there want to point me to a supplier that would have
    material in that range?

  3. Anyone have any suggestions of a good ALTERNATIVE to the citrine
    in that price range? This is for a client whose wedding colors are
    champagne and white. Each briolette will be the terminus of
    lariat-style bridesmaid necklaces featuring peridot, citrine, and
    freshwater pearls in a “station” configuration. These will be gifts
    for the bridesmaids and she would like something that doesn’t look
    cheesy or fake, which is why we’ve been trying to stay with real
    stones as much as possible.

Many thanks!
Karen Goeller
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry

You are shooting yourself in the foot going to such great lengths to
accommodate someone who won’t be paying you much for your wonderful
talent. Tell her you tried but this is the price. I would bet she
comes up with it.