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[Source] Bola tie cords

From time to time here in the sunny southwest I see leather bola
tie cords which have a flat woven portion where they go around
the neck, and

are woven round on either side, approximately 3/8" to 1/2" in
diameter. Do any of you know where I could procure some of these


Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry

P.S.: Thank you, Dr. Aspler, for your tireless efforts to maintain and
improve this site!

Rio Grande Albuequerque carries them.

Lee, Go to California Bolas for your needs :

3055 Palm Street
San Diego, California 92104
(619) 282-8701
Fax (619) 282-8716
Gary and Tracy Mcneil

or look in the Lapidary Journal.

Vista, California

You might try Thunderbird Supply Co. 505-722-4323 8-10 ply 36"
to 42" Flat neckbands available last time I ordered…


Note to Lee Einer

A friend of mine, Don McCoy, who lives in southern Calif. buys
very nice handmade bola cords of the type that you mentioned
from a native American woman who lives in the southwest. She
makes them all, but the prices seem very reasonable. Her name is
Marie Ortega and her phone # is 562-860-3932. Don makes very
nice bolas, some in 18k gold, one I recall sold for over $5000.
These cords looked very nice with them. Good luck. Mention his
name if you call her.

Jima Abbott / N. Calif./ @jica