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[Source] Bloodstone cabs

Does anyone know of any place that has bloodstone cabochons? I
specifically need 8mm round. Neither Rio nor Fire Mountain carry them
& Esslinger can’t get them any more.


Artist, Grad Student, Chaos Magnet

Allan Goldman has it! You will have to get access to the trade area.
Looks like they are listed at $1.15 each

Does anyone know of any place that has bloodstone cabochons?

I found some at

also at and

Amazing what you can find when you search google. :slight_smile:


Oh, I searched Google. And what I found were almost entirely
free-form cabs like these, not the 8mm rounds that I need.
Wholesalers can be kind of an issue for me as I order stones in small
lots, not large ones because, being one of the jewelry artist types &
a grad student to boot, I generally don’t need large quantities of
stones. Alas. I’m hoping the Allan Goldman link will pan out, once I
can get on it & a couple of others.

Thanks, everybody!
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Sharon, are you willing to contract to have them custom made?


I got some nice ones from Saad Importer Wholesaler in Tucson in
February. Here’s a link to their website: [PDF file]

Dear Sharon: We have some 8mm Round Cabs, Green Bloodstone in stock.
You can call me at 1-800-873-4572 or e-mail us at [dikragem at]. Hope we can help.