[Source] Black Titanium Ring

I have a customer that wants a black titanium ring. Anyone have a
source? And does anyone know a phone number for Fable, they make
titanium and stainless steel rings, don’t know if they have black
titanium, google did not turn up any info.

Thanks, Richard Hart

Initially the black titanium developed by Teledyne Wah Chang
(Portland Oregon) was offered be Spector based in Florida. David
South of Ti Design Studio (tds@voxmail.com) told me has cast it.
Tinomics may also have access to it. (tinomics.com)


Thank you, Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sarah
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.

800/876-3434 - 928/634-3434 - F928/634-6734

Try Wes Glebe at wesandgold.com. He makes wonderful titanium rings.